About us

AdFactor media is an international advertising network that specializes in both branding and performance display campaigns.

Dedicated to optimizing results and revenue for advertisers and publishers, by tracking the best possible match between a specific ad and a given impression.

Our main key differentiators are highly-skilled team and superior technology.

Our knowledgeable and experienced optimization team will work closely with you on a daily basis to make sure we reach your targets and gain maximum value. Our team of experts will build a customized campaign to give you the best ROI.

Using the most advanced technology on the market with an extensive suite of targeting capabilities, we're able to track, analyze and optimize all inventory towards any type of campaign.

As a result, Advertisers reach their targeted audiences while optimizing their buys according to their targets and Publishers get maximum revenue on 100% of their available inventory.

We have wide range of solutions and we work with different types of models.

We maintain high standards of quality in selecting our publishers and advertising partners.

We will put all our efforts to work with you and your goals.

AdFactor advantages:

- Specializing in branding and

performance campaigns.

- Display campaigns.

- Highly skilled team.

- Dedicated Account managers.

- Superior technology.

- Extensive targeting capabilities.

- Log in to reporting.

- Quality advertisers & publishers.

- Optimizing results and revenues.

- Long term relationships.

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